School board improves curriculum goals

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 7/30/96.

The social studies and physical education department goals were reviewed by the Paynesville School Board at their Tuesday night meeting.

During the 1995-96 school year, the social studies and physical education departments had worked on updating their respective curriculum areas. "Some of the basic goals have already been achieved," Superintendent Howard Caldwell informed the board.

One of the weak points identified in the physical education program dealt with the lack of daily classes. Madonna Leimer, second grade teacher, said an advantage to the present scheduling is that they have physical education classes three days a week. The classes go alone as a single class instead of two or three classes being combined under the old system. "The children gain more one-on-one help from Sharon Johnson," she added. The board agreed the only way to provide daily phy. ed. classes was to hire more staff people for the program.

Another weakness mentioned was the use of candy and pop machines in the schools. The board was informed the machines were turned off in the elementary and middle schools during the school day. The only machine left on during the day in the middle school was the juice machine. "The revenue from the juice machine is only five percent of the revenue when compared to the pop machine revenue," John Janotta, high school principal, said. Board member Pat Flanders said he would like to see more juice and less pop in the machines.

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