Fitness Challenge still open to area families

This article submitted by Molly Connors on 7/30/96.

The Family Fitness Challenge, a program aimed at getting family members to exercise together, is open to Paynesville area families through August 18.

The Family Fitness Challenge is part of the Families First activities. Families First educates about family ties and tries to involve people in activities with their families.

The idea behind the exercise is to keep heart rates at a constant of 20-30 beats above resting pulse rates for at least 20 minutes. Basketball, volleyball and other sports donÍt count because they are interrupted, and the constant heart rate isnÍt maintained.

Any family can join the program „ or any group of people, if family is unable to participate. No huge standards „ like four-minute miles „ are expected from participants. Rather everyone should ńwork to his or her own ability,î Leenay Doll, a physicaltherapy assistant at the Paynesville hospital, said.

Aside from bringing the family closer together, the Fitness Challenge helps ensure that everyone in the family will be around longer. The challenge helps families keep fit, which greatly reduces chances of heart disease and heart attacks

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