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Paynesville Press - July 25, 2001

Musical to be held in new auditorium;
Children's theater to present "Patchwork Girl of Oz"

By Linda Stelling

Pumpkin Children A children's theater production of "Patchwork Girl of Oz" will be the first play in the new high school auditorium.

"It's been fun and exciting to work in the new auditorium," said Colleen Pelton, co-director. "I'm sure the public will enjoy the play as it is very entertaining," she added.

The musical comedy is being presented by Paynesville Area Community Education Children's Theater and is sponsored in part by a grant from the Central Minnesota Arts Council.

Pumpkin children rehearse a dance to a lively tune in "Patchwork Girl of Oz." Pumpkin children are Lindsey Pelton, Kristine Hoeft, McKenzie Quade, Jackie Jo Skoglund, Kendra Hengel, and Emily Mehr. The Community Education play cast will present four performances to the public, Aug. 2- 5.

There are 32 students in the musical, ranging from second to tenth grade. They will present four performances: on Thursday and Friday, Aug. 2 and 3, at 8 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 4 and 5, at 2 p.m. Admission is $4 for adults and $2 for students. Refreshments will be served following each performance in the school cafeteria.

A sequel to the "Wizard of Oz," the musical will feature many characters people will know plus some new ones. The story begins in the workshop of Dr. Pipt (Ted Hoffman), who brings his wife's (Katie Schlick) patchwork doll (Sami Tierney) to life.

Through a number of miscues, Dr. Pipt's liquid of petrification turns his wife and a friend into marble statues. The Patchwork Girl and companions set out on a quest to find the ingredients to turn them back to normal.

To see if they are successful, people will have to see the play, Pelton said.

The audience will hear music from the Wizard of Oz along with some exciting new songs and dances. Kaitlin Burlingame will sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and Rheanne and Ginelle Zimmerman will sing "If I Only Had a Heart."

The cast started rehearsals in late June and moved into the new auditorium in mid-July. They have enjoyed working on a stage, said Sue Teicher, co-director. Rehearsals have been held in the early morning when the temperatures are the coolest as the air conditioning isn't working yet. Workers promise to have it running in time for the performances.

"The hardest part of the production is getting everybody together for practice," Pelton said.

Patchwork Girl: Sami Tierney
Cat: Tanya Whitcomb
Ojo: Megan Reeck and Lauren Vaske
Dr. Pipt: Ted Hoffman
Margolette: Katie Schlick
Unk Nunkie: Kelly Wedel
Donkey: Jayna Flanders
Woozy: Cary Jo Schlick
Shaggy: Courtney Colbert
Scarecrow: Annie Bertram
Soldier: Rheanne Zimmerman
Bodyguards: Sam and Josh Bungum
Wizard of Oz: Zachary Schwandt
Ozma: Emily Mehr
Dorothy: Kaitlin Burlingame
Yoop: Megan Whitcomb
Tinman: Ginelle Zimmerman
Jack Pumpkinhead: Lindsey Pelton
Pumpkin children: Jackie Skoglund, Kristine Hoeft, Kendra Hengel, and McKenzie Quade
Tottenhots: Carly Lemkuhl, Allie Weidner, Allie Wendroth, Callie Bennett, Samantha Strodtman, Taylor Haag, Hayden Spaeth, and Courtney Higgins
Directors: Colleen Pelton and Sue Teicher
Music director: Charlene Strand
Choreographer: Abby Johnson
Accompanist: Cheryl Colbert
Costume designer: Brenda Whitcomb
Set designers: Molly Zimmerman and Gretchen O'Fallon
Stage managers: Kendra Hengel and McKenzie Quade

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