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Paynesville Press - July 25, 2001

Patient uses new technique in her battle against cancer

By Erin Aagesen

Skrypek Three Heat Balancing Lorraine Skrypek has struggled with cancer since she was diagnosed with it five years ago. Since June 1996, she has undergone aggressive medical treatments for her condition, including a mastectomy, six months of chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, and 33 radiation treatments.

Skrypek has used other means to help aid in her recovery as well. She switched to a vegetarian diet and began taking dietary supplements for improved health. Her spiritual faith has also been a big part of her search for improved health.

Dana Spates (standing) and Don Skrypek (facing away) lay their hands on Lorraine Skrypek (on table), as a part of Three Heart Balancing, a technique Lorraine has used in conjunction with modern medical therapies to aid in her five-year fight against cancer.

More recently, Skrypek has taken an interest in a technique called Three Heart Balancing. The technique focuses on balancing three critical areas of the body: the head and throat, the heart, and the parasaltic rhythm. The idea is to relieve pain and discomfort in the body and allow for healing to take place by getting these three areas in rhythm. When they are not, according to Skrypek, blocks occur in the body and energy cannot flow freely.

Three Heart Balancing, also called Healing Hands, is simple in practice. A person lies on a table while people, usually friends or family members, lay their hands on the person's body, and touch either one of the three critical areas or the affected area of the person who is ill.

According to the program's philosophy, energy from one person's hands flows into the body of the other to aid in removing blocks. Calming music is played, and all participants are free to talk. In fact, talking is encouraged, because it can help move beyond negative memories, which can cause blockages in the body, and remove them.

Skrypek said she feels calm, spiritual and at peace after her sessions, which last between 60 and 90 minutes. "I do believe there is a connection between people working on you and healing," said Skrypek. "I personally feel it might be a physical healing, but it might be an emotional or spiritual healing as well."

Skrypek's first experience with Three Heart Balancing was at the end of April. After hearing about the technique on the television news, she got into contact with the founder of the program, who wanted to work on Lorraine because she had active cancer.

At first, Skrypek says, she was hesitant to try it. However, after a couple of hours with the founder and her colleagues, she became a believer. According to Skrypek, the humble founder doesn't claim to cure diseases and works in conjunction with modern medical techniques. "It is just a good feeling that you get once you are there," said Skrypek.

Earlier this month, a woman who was trained by the founder came to Paynesville for a weekend to teach the basics of Three Heart Balancing. "We think of it as prayer in motion," said the instructor. "All that is needed to do it is a good heart and a good intention. Anybody can do this work."

Thirteen people from the area completed the training. Five of these were from Paynesville, including Lorraine, her husband Don, and her friend Dana Spates.

Now, Spates and Don work on Lorraine every Wednesday afternoon. Skrypek feels Three Heart Balancing has become an integral part of her fight against cancer.

"The mind plays a big role in your health," explained Spates. "If you believe in what you're doing, it'll help you a lot more."

Since March, a tumor in Skyrpek's liver has remained stable, and Lorraine remains hopeful for the future.

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