School board elects officers for new year

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 7/21/98.

With tornado sirens blowing Tuesday night, the Paynesville Area School Board kept an eye to the sky as they continued their bi-monthly meeting.

As this was the first meeting of the new school year (July 1 to June 30), board officers were elected. The present officers were re-elected to serve until January 2000. The next school board election is in November of 1999.

Officers are: Pat Flanders, chairman; Lowell Haagenson, vice-chair; Maurice Dosdall, treasurer; and Fern Roberg, clerk.

Under the first item of old business for the board, the board met with Mike Walijarvi, school architect, concerning the reroofing of the school. He had met with Ted Buttweiler, lower bidder on the project, about splitting the project (elementary this year and high school next year).

Walijarvi said the district had three options: 1) do the elementary school this year and the high school next year; 2) just do the elementary school and 3) abandon the project and revisit the issue in a year or two after the board resolves the structural issue raised at the June 24 meeting.

Buttweiler, who was at the meeting, presented the board with a breakdown on the costs of splitting the project and explained how the two projects varied. He explained the elementary roof was more costly as it involved more carpenter work because it had a tapered insulation design with the water draining to the center of the roof.

After reviewing the outline of costs, the board approved option one, splitting the project over a two-year period.

Walijarvi told the board he should hear the results of the structural study being done on the high school roof later in July.

At the June 24 board meeting the board was told the high school roof should have some structural changes made before it was reroofed.

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