Lions Club elects woman president

This article submitted by Aaron Ziemer on 7/21/98.

Nancy Landmark was voted in as the Lions Club President for 1998. She took office on July 1.

Landmark is the first woman president in Paynesville.

She has been a formal member for about four to five years, and was a Lioness for about a year and a half before that. She was also indirectly connected with the Lions in Moorhead long before that.

One of her most important jobs as president is to coordinate programs between the local, district, and regional levels of Lions Clubs. Landmark has to help decide programs and activities based on what the higher levels of Lions Clubs are doing.

Landmark said her parents helped raise her interest in the Lions Club because they were both very active in their club.

Landmark took the office that was held by Walter Dilley last year.

The Lions are doing many things this year, including working with area eyebanks and the Lions Clinic at the University of Minnesota.

Some of the other things the Lions club help do are sponsor programs that fight diabetes, worked on Quest programs for schools, and they also have a Lions Youth Exchange. There are also many Leo Clubs around the state (a young people version of the Lions Club), but Paynesville does not have one locally.

ďThe club has every intent of becoming even more active,Ē said Landmark.

Landmark also said that most people are not president more than once, because the club needs to keep people circulating. Usually to become president a person starts at Third Vice-President and works up from there.

Landmark and her family are also raising a Leader Dog for the first time. The dogs name is Chance, and he will be leaving for the leader dog school in Rochester, Michigan, on August 7.

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