School board re-organizes for new school year

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 07/15/97.

During their first meeting of the new school year, the Paynesville Area School Board reorganized, raised lunch prices, and approved numerous organization memberships.

The board opted to re-elect the 1996-97 officers to serve again in 1997-98. They are: Larry Fleck, chairperson; Pat Flanders, vice-chairperson; Maurice Dosdall, treasurer; and Fern Roberg, clerk.

The board approved raising lunch fees a nickel which would generate $5,993 for the lunch program. This is based on 119,867 meals that were served last year.

The board approved leaving the athletic admission and athletic activity passes the same as last year. Athletic admissions are $3 for adults and $1 for students. Preschool and senior citizens are free. Athletic activity passes are $15 for elementary school and $20 for middle and high school students; adult single, $25, and couples $50.

In other business...
The board discussed the milk break program and whether to advertise for bulk or carton milk. Last year the milk break program was cut back from preschool to third grade students only. This equaled about 50,377 cartons of milk for the school year at a cost of $7,858.

Board member Lowell Haagenson said the board needs to remember this isnít just a funding issue but a nutrition issue as well.

The board discussed the pros and cons of bulk milk over cartons. Barb Koehn, food service manager, explained that if the district switched back to bulk milk, new milk dispensers would be needed and an extra person hired to help monitor the milk machine, filling the milk dispenser and cleanup of spilt milk.

Several board members were under the idea the district could save money by using bulk milk as students would only take what they could drink. Koehn explained that by law, the state requires all students to have eight ounces of milk whether it is in a carton or glass.

Superintendent Caldwell agreed money would need to be spent the first year to upgrade the program.

The board approved getting bids on both bulk and carton milk.

ēThe board approved a 12-month contract with Steve Brisendine as activities/community education director.

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