Street project within time frame for completion

This article submitted by Beth Zimmerman on 7/14/98.

City Engineer Pete Carlson said that although he had hoped the 1998 street project would be completed by the Fourth of July, the workers are within their contract time frame for completion.

The contract states that the project must be finished by July 31.

Carlson voiced some minor concerns regarding the whereabouts of the crews. ďThey were supposed to work Monday and to continue until it was done, but today they werenít here,Ē Carlson said. Efforts to contact the crews on Wednesday, July 8, were unsuccessful.

ďWe were hoping they would lay sod today,Ē Carlson said.

All that remains on the project is some patching, the laying of the final tar layer and the sod work.

ďUnfortunately, all people seem to remember are the glitches,Ē Carlson said. ďThe crews did the street work so fast that the sod delay seems worse than it is.Ē

Councilman Dennis Zimmerman said, ďWeíve been extremely pleased with the project thus far.Ē

The council discussed giving residents who water sod a credit or rebate on their water bills. The council agreed to discuss and consider the idea further.

Carlson said that a flyer will be sent out on the proper care and maintenance of sod.

In other business:
ēThe council approved payment of annually requested contributions to the PNLS Hockey Association in the sum of $4,000 and the Paynesville Jaycees for the 1998 Fourth of July fireworks in the sum of $1,000.

ēThe council discussed the countyís proposed setbacks for animal feedlots in developing a feedlot ordinance. Concerns were voiced that the proposed setbacks would be too close to city limits. No motion was made to approve or deny the proposed setbacks, as the council has until July 24 to provide preferences to the Stearns County Board of Commissioners.

ēThe council voted to zone the Minnesota State Highway Department property, a gravel pit, located west of Highway 55, just north of the west end bridge. It was annexed to the city in 1904, but it has never been zoned. It will be zoned C-2, highway commercial.

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