Werlinger attended Girls' State

This article submitted by Aaron Ziemer on 7/14/99.

Becca Werlinger of Paynesville was the Paynesville representative to Girls' State which was held at Bethel College.

"I became interested in it when a friend told me I should try out for it," said Werlinger. Werlinger also added that she hadn't known much about Girls' State and the deadline was very near when she found out about it so she did not have to write an essay, she just had to be interviewed.

She was interviewed by Paynesville Area High School government teacher Jeff Youngs, and a member of the American Legion Auxiliary.

"After hearing about it, it sounded like fun," she added.

The representatives at Girls' State learned about all of the levels in government and held elections.

Once the girls had arrived at Bethel College they were divided up into separate cities. The one Werlinger was in was known as Teebeecut.

Unlike the Boys' Staters the girls do not use names of actual Minnesota towns or cities. "They have used the same city names for many years," said Werlinger.

Werlinger did hold a position, she was the judge of elections.

Werlinger said the girls learned about many things, including Americanism and the many levels of government and how each level works.

"I would recommend Girls' State to anyone who would be interested in becoming a stater," said Werlinger. "It was a lot of fun, and you meet new people."

Werlinger also added that the people of her Girls' State town were very close and they are planning a reunion sometime in August.

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