Summer art class teaches the basics

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 7/14/99.

Summer art Summer Art, a new course this year, teaches drawing skills that are the basis for most visual art.

Erin Kehr, resident scene artist at the Central Minnesota Children's Theatre in St. Cloud is teaching the class.

"I'm teaching the students how to draw more realistically. We are working on how to break down the basic elements of shape and shading, dividing the face into quadrants," Kehr said.

At the beginning of the course he asked the students what they would like to do. Kehr has stressed the importance of one-minute poses. "It is important to get the shapes down, then you can go back and refine your picture. Not everything you draw can sit and pose for a picture for any period of time," he added.

He has had the students do freehand drawings, work from grids, and draw sections of the face at a time, using charcoal.

The students have drawn portraits of each other and their final project will be to draw a self-portrait.

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