Jaycees revive 'Welcome Neighbor' program

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 7/7/98.

The Paynesville ďWelcome NeighborĒ program was started in August 1970 by the Lions. A year ago, the Paynesville Area Jaycees revived the program.

A total of 42 businesses, individuals, churches and organizations have donated various items for the baskets which are presented to newcomers. Among the items in the baskets are coupons ($270 worth), key chains, thermal mug, refrigerator magnets, pencils, pens, brochures and vacation guides.

Laurie Nepsund, Jaycee committee chair, said the Welcome Neighbor program is a good way for local businesses, Jaycees, and the community to be introduced to new residents of the Paynesville area.

Since the first of the year, six baskets have been presented to new area residents.

Any business or organization wishing to participate in the program should contact Nepsund. There is an annual fee of $5 to help support the Welcome Neighbor program.

The Jaycees have contacted local realtors and other businesses to help learn of new people moving into the community. Anyone knowing of new residents should call Laurie Nepsund, 320-276-8280 or write: Welcome Neighbor, Paynesville Area Jaycees, Box 92, Paynesville, 56362.

In May, the Minnesota Jaycees awarded the Paynesville Area Jaycees the Gold Community Development Award for the Welcome Neighbor program.

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