South Africians visit Paynesville
on US tour

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 7/1/97.

South Africans
Jean Soine and Dennis Wilde escorted Pravin Gordham, John Dombo,
Tshopiso Mashinini and Thoko Sithole on a tour of Paynesville.

Four South Africans visited Paynesville on Friday to learn more about local governments.

ďWe talked about how local governments work, duties of council, problems, and the relationship between the township, city, county, and state level of government,Ē Dennis Wilde, Paynesville City Administrator, said.

The South Africans are in the process of helping formulate and drafting new government laws.

Among the visitors were: Pravin Gordhan, chairperson on constitutional affairs who serves on the national assembly; John Dombo, provincial minister who is a member of his states executive council; Tshopiso Mashinini a member of the Johannesburg transitional metropolitan council; and Thoko Sithole, chairman of the district council and department chairman of South African local government association.

Local officials meeting with the South Africans were Jean Soine and Harlan Beek, Paynesville councilmembers; Paynesville mayor Jeff Thompson; John Atwood and Johnnie Olson, Paynesville Township supervisors.

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