City council holds hearing on street projects

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 7/1/97.

The Paynesville City Council was reminded of the public hearing tonight (July 2) for the í98 improvement project during their Wednesday night meeting.

The Paynesville Public Works Committee recommended Wendell and Main Street both be widened to 40 feet, and that sidewalks be installed on Main Street from Stearns to Washburne Avenue and on Stearns Avenue from Main to First Street.

The committee also recommended each project be assessed separately, instead of setting a flat assessment rate for all projects.

ďItís hard to lock into one assessment,Ē Dennis Zimmerman, council member, said. ďThe formula we have now is working.Ē The city assesses the full rate on the short sides and half of the long sides of a lot.

The council set 7 p.m., July 23, as the public hearing date for the alley improvement project between Central and Lyndall Avenue.

The project is estimated to cost $5,400 and contains 585 assessable footage. The entire project will be assessed to the petitioning property owners.

In other business...
ēRon Mergen, public works director, informed the council the bids for the west end lift station all came in high. The engineer had the project estimated at $48,000. The three bids ranged from $67,740 to $76,356.

Mergen told the council they had two options, accept the bids or reject them. He felt the city employees could do portions of the work, then hire a contractor to do the rest.

ďIíll discuss the bids with our engineer, Pete Carlson, and come back to the next meeting (July 9) with a recommendation,Ē Mergen said.

Steve Whitcomb, airport committee, updated the council on the preliminary work. ďThe preliminary map and property maps have been completed,Ē Whitcomb said. ďWe are ready for phase three, which is the final layout of the proposed airport. Ron Lloyd, MnDOT aeronautical division, had good things to say about our preliminary proposal.Ē

Whitcomb also informed the council that Paynesville Township has joined the project and will help cover 50 percent of the expenses.

At present, a survey is under way to learn more about the pilots using the airport and what they would like to see included in the proposed project. ďIt is surprising to learn of the large number of pilots looking for fuel, of the number stopping to golf or use the lake and how many use the motel and eating establishments. After further discussion, the council approved the expenditure of $1,763 for phase three.

ēThe council reviewed the Paynesville Area Senior Center budget and program. Don Torbenson explained more than 58 activities were sponsored at the center last year for area residents and 17 different community groups have held meetings at the center. The building and all equipment are paid for and the center has no loans or mortgages. The proposed budget for 1997-98 is set at $33,800 compared to $63,542 set for the previous year.

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