Township acquires County Road 124

This article submitted by Michael Jacobson on 6/28/00.

Paynesville Township has agreed to take County Road 124 from the county. The Paynesville Township Board of Supervisors voted 2-0 on Monday to acquire the road.

Supervisors Warren Nehring and Don Pietsch voted to accept the road from the county along with a lump sum payment of $392,000. Supervisor John Atwood abstained from the vote.

Previously, the Stearns County Commissioners approved the turn-back agreement at their meeting on Tuesday, June 20.

Taking control of County Road 124 gives the township the option of locating part of a pedestrian trail in its road right-of-way. The county was only willing to put four-foot shoulders on both sides of the road.

The township aims for a designated pedestrian trail from the city to the lake to increase safety. They would like to have the trail continue and circle the lake.

The lump sum payment includes $272,000 for resurfacing the road, $100,000 for widening the road, and $20,000 for two years of maintenance.

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