Treasure Island was theme of kiddie parade

This article submitted by Aaron Ziemer on 6/23/98.

The annual Town and Country Kiddie Parade was held in Paynesville on Tuesday afternoon, June 16.

The paradeís theme this year was Treasure Island, and there were many floats in the parade.

The grand prize winners were Elliott and Jamison Wall, Kaitlyn and Ben Olson, Matt and Aubrey Thyen, Sam and Rachel Rittenhouse.

The first place winners were Katie Schwalke and Chelsea Kilanowski.

The second place winners were John and David Ruprecht.

The third place, or miscellaneous prize winners were Alyson Fuchs, Amelia Malling, Bradley, Rheanne, and Ginelle Zimmerman, and Callie Bennett.

The parade started at the Good Samaritan Care Center and went to the front of the elementary school, where the winners were announced and the kids were given popsicles.

The grand prize winners were able to ride in the parade on Wednesday night.

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