Keller wins silver medal in Inventors Congres

This article submitted by Aaron Ziemer on 6/23/98.

Bill Keller, Regal, received a silver medal at the National Inventors Congress held each year in Redwoodd Falls, Minn, for his invention of the hay cradle.

The hay cradle is a totally redesigned handcart, made specially to haul square bales of hay. The hay cradle has an extra long handle for more leverage. A major distinguishing feature is that the hay cradle has long teeth instead of a flat slab. The teeth are there to make it easier to get underneath things which makes it easier to haul items. The teeth will not bend or break.

It has larger wheels so it can travel over rough terrain easier. It also distributes the weight so most of it is on the cradle and the person using it does not have to do any heavy lifting.

The hay cradleís main job is to make it easier to feed cattle. Keller can feed 40 cows in less than five minutes with no lifting so it is a major relief on the back.

The hay cradle also has many other uses. It can be used to help pick up mineral blocks, new born calves, 55 gallon drums of oil, and sacks of feed.

ďIt works very well. It is something that will not break. It saves time, saves money, and saves your back,Ē said Keller.

Keller started to have the idea last year when he needed something to help him move large square bales of hay, so he began thinking of a way to make his job easier.

Keller made 10 prototypes before finally get the model just how he liked it. He worked with a welder friend on the design.

The hay cradle was manufactured at Cold Spring Metal Fabrication by Dennis Meyer. It has been marketed for about two weeks.

Keller said he is working with some marketers to try and get the hay cradle marketed nationwide.

Keller has sold more than 100 of them in two weeks, they have been on the market.

There were over 100 inventions on the floor of the Inventors Congress. Some of them ranged from fuel injection for propane engines, all the way to an office chair that is good for the back while sitting in it. This event has been going on for 41 years in Redwood Falls and draws inventors from all over the nation. There were over 10,000 people who visited the Inventors Congress.

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