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Paynesville Press - June 22, 2005

Township board approves variance request, holds rezoning hearing

By Michael Jacobson

The Paynesville Township Board of Supervisors took the following actions at their meeting on Monday, June 13.

*The board approved a variance request from Dale Klein for an addition to an unattached building that is 202 square feet larger than allowed limit of 1,330 square feet.

*The board held a rezoning hearing for nearly 80 acres and owned by Virgil Kulzer in Section 19. Kulzer wants the county to change the zoning from R-10 to R-5. Supervisors Pat Meagher and Harry Thielen were comfortable with the requested change, but chairman Don Pietsch thought the zoning should stay at R-10.

The Stearns County Zoning Board will make the final decision.

*The board set a preliminary plat hearing for Steve Peterson for Monday, June 27, at 8:15 p.m. Peterson wants to plat about 57 acres - in two parcels - into approximately 20 lots that approach three acres in size. These two parcels are located in Section 21.

*The board set a preliminary plat hearing for an eight-lot plat, owned by Keith Dombrovski by the Heatherwood Addition, for Monday, June 27, at 8:30 p.m.

*The board set a hearing for Monday, June 27, at 8:45 p.m. to consider changing the township ordinance on dogs. The new ordinance would allow the city of Paynesville to collect and keep the $50 fine for dogs running at large and also to collect the daily boarding fee at the pound from the owner of the dog.

*The board set a preliminary plat hearing for Alvin and James Hartmann on Monday, June 27, at 8:50 p.m. The Hartmanns want to divide a 57-acre plat into three approximately 20-acre plats in Section 30.

*The board set a preliminary plat hearing for Virgil Kulzer for Monday, July 11, at 8:15 p.m. Kulzer wants to plat a 23.91-acre parcel out of an 80-acre plat in Section 19.

*The board corrected a technicality in language in the conditional-use permit granted to Bruce Nokleby in April. Nokleby is constructing an accessory building without a principal residence in Section 31. The board reapproved the permit and will refile it with the county.

*The board voted to add 263rd Avenue to its 2005 overlay project. The asphault surface on 263rd Avenue is breaking up in several places, and repairs and overlay will need to be done soon.

The board voted to do the project this year because of the good price that was receivd for this year's overlay project.

*The board has secured easements for a turn around large enough for snow plows and school buses at the end of Brittany Oaks Circle in Lordon Addition. Brittany Oaks Circle will be blacktopped this summer during the overlay project, and the township will then accept the road.

*The board discussed a surface water runoff problem near the intersection of Old Lake Road and Brookhaven Road. Mike Mackedanz, who owns the lowest lot and home on the Lake Koronis side, stated that recent changes in landscaping causes more surface water to run to his home in heavy rains. Mackedanz said he had water in his basement for the first time in 30 years. The board agreed to take a look at his situation.

*The board discussed 187th Street, one of the few township roads that is not paved. The board has been informed that the gravel surface is breaking up and that several hundred yards of class five gravel should be added to the surface in those spots. The board decided to ask Alvin or Bub Hartmann to make a determination about the need for gravel on the road the next time they blade it.

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