Township ordinance are nearly revised

This article submitted by Michael Jacobson on 6/21/00.

Paynesville Township's ordinance is almost in line with the new county-wide zoning ordinance, but the revisions to the township's ordinance are taking more legal effort than hoped. At their meeting on Monday, June 12, the township board approved more hours for attorney Carolyn Braun to complete the revisions.

Originally, the township hoped to make the changes for $500, but now the cost could be $800 or even $1,000.

Don Pietsch, board chairman, said he didn't like the rising cost, but felt the matter was a few hours from being finished.

Once the township's ordinance is revised, the township will have a meeting with the county. Both parties then could agree to have the township enforce both ordinances, eliminating the need to get two permits. Right now, Pietsch said, just to build a dog house you would need a permit from both the township and the county.

"We have to be as strict or stricter (than the county) to be in control," said Pietsch. "I believe we have to get back to where we are dealing with our people."

Two exceptions, where the county will keep control, will be septic systems and flood plain because the county has access to grant money.

•The township board discussed a proposal to remove their signs from roads that do not belong to the township, but took no action.

Removing the signs would eliminate confusion over who owned the road. The township provides services (maintenance and snow plowing) only to their roads. But many houses use the signs for their address, so their removal would also cause confusion.

After a question, Pietsch reiterated that the township has a new policy for acquiring roads. In the past, any road that was brought up to the township's specifications (including 66 feet of right of way) would then be paved at the township's expense.

This spring the township changed this policy. Now, any new development must build and tar the road before the township will take over the road. They grandfathered in existing developments that have no houses, and the township will split the cost of tarring these roads.

•The township has agreed to purchase a triangular piece of property that adjoins their office and maintenance shed. The agreement to purchase the area, a 24' by 166' triangle, from Val Parks calls for a price of $750. A survey will not be done as it would be more costly than the purchase itself. The township plans to use the area to store culverts, fencing, and other materials.

•The board approved spot spraying for noxious weeds. Pietsch reported a patch of poison ivy along Baywater Road and supervisor John Atwood reported more by Lake Koronis Road. Atwood will supervise the spraying.

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