ATV trail opposed by area residents

This article submitted by Stephanie Everson on 06/17/97.

After strong opposition from area residents, the all-terrain vehicle trail in Roseville Township, which was never officially opened, was officially closed by the Kandiyohi County Board of Commissioners on May 21.

Local riding clubs, as well as individual drivers, wanted to use the six-mile trail, but it was decided that an ATV trail in that location was not in the best interest of the township.

Many complaints from area residents were raised regarding the ATV trail, ranging from noise levels spooking livestock to unlicensed drivers coming in from as far as the Twin Cities; but many residents were mainly concerned with safety issues and the fact they had not been notified that the trail would run through.

Several residents in the area were concerned they hadn't been notified about the trail that would run so near their homes, many of whom had children and were concerned about accidents, as well as questions of liability. Wildlife and waterfowl in that vicinity would also have been disturbed.

According to a recent article in New London's Times-Free Press, several officials, including Stephen Deleski from the ATV Board of Directors, and Greg Soupir of the DNR, were surprised to hear the amount of opposition from residents. The plan for the trail had been allowed by the state and the county of Kandiyohi, and they had believed the trail would bring visitors and money into the county.

They had also taken decibel readings along the ATV trail, and believed the traffic from the highway drowned out the noise from the trail. Still, they made the decision to shut it down until they could look into the problems raised by local residents.

Although lack of notification was perhaps one of the biggest reasons for the strong opposition, some residents prefered not to comment on the issue, but don't want the trail to come back and would like to see the issue put to rest.

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