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Paynesville Press - June 15, 2005

Plays to be staged Thursday, Friday

Two plays will be presented by Paynesville Community Education's summer theater this week: "The Wizard of the Mall" and "Woolfie," put on by 21 area youth, will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 16, and Friday, June 17, in the high school auditorium.

theatre "The Wizard of the Mall" spoofs The Wizard of Oz, centering around a trip to the mall by Dorothy and her bunny FuFu. A revolving door knocks Dorothy unconscious and kills the wicked sales clerk of the East Mall.

The casts of "The Wizard of the Mall" and "Woolfie" - to be presented in the high school auditorium on Thursday, June 16 and Friday, June 17, at 7 p.m. - include: (front) Hunter Voss, Avery Davidson, Teirrah Syvertson, Wesley Ford, Lindsay Vagle, Katelyn Hoeft, Elizabeth Clawson, Victoria Clawson, and McKayla Quade (standing) Amelia Malling, Kari Hoeft, Kristine Hoeft, Donald Neu, Breanna Hess, Katie Weidner, Melissa Hawkinson, Lauren Spaeth, and Matthew Anderson. Not pictured are Eric Malling and Rachel McCloud.

A good sales clerk assists Dorothy on her way to Marshall Field's, along with her three traveling companions: Burnout, who needs new brain cells; Security Guard, who needs a heart; and The Nerd, who needs courage.

"Woolfie" blends Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs, and Goldilocks into a court trial where Woolfie defends himself against accusers testifying that he has blown down houses and gobbled up young girls. This play features audience participation, a surprise witness, and an unexpected ending.

Refreshments will be served at both plays, and the directors, Colleen Pelton and Sue Teicher, invite the community to come and enjoy an evening of fun.

Cast of Characters - The Wizard of the Mall
Narrator: Rachel McCloud
Dorothy: Amelia Malling
Auntie Em: Melissa Hawkinson
Glinda: Teirrah Syvertson
Burnout: Avery Davidson
Security Guard: Lauren Spaeth
The Nerd: Katie Svejkovsky
M.F. Manager: Katie Weidner
Wicked Clerk's Sister: Elizabeth Clawson
Mannequins: Victoria Clawson, Eric Malling, and Elizabeth Clawson
The Children's Shop Clerk: Victoria Clawson
JC Penney Clerk: Eric Malling
Scheels Clerk: Elizabeth Clawson

Cast of Characters - Woolfie
Narrator: Breanna Hess
Woolfie: Matthew Anderson
Judge Billy Goat Gruff: Donald Neu Bailiff: Kari Hoeft
Lawyer: Kristine Hoeft
Harry the Pig: Lauren Spaeth
Henry the Pig: Hunter Voss
Leopold the Pig: Katelyn Hoeft
Little Red 1: Katie Weidner
Little Red 2: Katie Svejkovsky
Red's Double: Katie Weidner
Red's Mother: Lindsay Vagle
Baby Bear: Wesley Ford
Momma Bear: McKayla Quade
Pappa Bear: Lauren Spaeth
Guards: Teirrah Syvertson and Avery Davidson
Jury: Melissa Hawkinson, Teirrah Syvertson, Rachel McCloud, McKayla Quade and Avery Davidson
Directors: Colleen Pelton and Sue Teicher

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