Families First reaching out to community

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Families First is looking to tie activities from all aspects of the community together.

At their meeting June 3, the committee heard reports from various community groups: students, business, ministerial, health care, and senior citizens.

Steve Brisendine, committee member, said he was really pleased with the ideas which came forth at the meeting.

The students explained they had DARE, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Peer Helpers and Future Leaders of America. "But they don't have student led activities. They want to do more on their own," Brisendine said. The high school students donÉt have the opportunity to do community service projects like the middle school or elementary school.

The students were real enthusiastic about doing a community news program which could be aired on the local cable station, Channel 6.

The business community felt the Chamber of Commerce could lean to some family type activities and consider a mentorship program. They also talked about a family conference and hosting a family day with separate programs for kids, parents and then for the family as a whole.

The ministerial association wants to raise the emphasis on the development assets. They talked about the churches working together on nondenominational projects which could develop positive assets.

The senior citizens said their goal is to get into the schools more often. They discussed forming a grandparents group with individuals adopting students. They also stressed the need of senior citizens to get to know the kids who live in their neighborhood and to call them by name when they see them.

The health care personnel discussed developing a community fitness challenge which would sponsor parent-child activities.

"The need to get youth involved is vital in planning activities," Brisendine said.

He said another idea was to have a Families First Night at the Park. "We have a lot of talented people in the community and each week they could let their talents shine in a variety type show in the park. To finish off the year we talked about hosting a Families First community wide picnic," Brisendine added.

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