School board adjusts 1996-97 budget

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 06/03/97.

The Paynesville Area School Board breezed through the agenda Tuesday night, May 27. The only big item on the agenda was adjusting the 1996-97 budget.

Superintendent Howard Caldwell explained the budget changes to the board. ďThe changes are obvious ones dealing with operational expenses, such as electricity and fuel, as we under estimated the costs for this year. The district uses mostly natural gas and #2 fuel oil is a backup.
ďTransportation also required an adjustment as there was additional transporting of students required to and from St. Cloud,Ē Caldwell said.

ďThe reason for the big change in capital expenditure was due to the fact we arenít doing anything further in technology. We will look at it more in the future,Ē he added. ďIn the general fund, we had legal expenses we did not anticipate, in addition there were other minor expenses elsewhere.Ē

In other business:
ēThe board approved a resolution canvassing the election returns: Fern Roberg, 214 votes; Velda Larson, 192; Debora Glenz, 182, and Doris Wendlandt, 135.

ēThe board approved a curriculum adjustment for the health and art departments. The two departments worked on their learner outcomes for the coming school year. The board noted in the health learner outcomes that health is not offered in the seventh grade. Middle School Principal Deb Gillman explained there wasnít time in the day to offer another class. Health is integrated in with other classes at the present time.

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