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Paynesville Press - June 4, 2003

Paynesville City Council - Wednesday, May 28, meeting

By Michael Jacobson

The Paynesville City Council took the following actions at their meeting on Wednesday, May 28.

•The council approved a parade permit for the Paynesville Chamber of Commerce to hold its annual Town and Country Days parade on Wednesday, June 18, beginning at 7 p.m. The council changed the wording on the permit to say, "candy is welcome and appreciated, but for the safety of small children, we ask that you pass out candy away from vehicles."

Former police chief Tony Schmitt expressed concerns to the council that parade entries are still throwing candy, which Schmitt sees as a possible safety hazard, since kids may try to grab pieces of candy from the street and possibly could get in the way of parade traffic. (Complete story)

•The council approved an EDAP loan of $76,000 for an expansion project at Nelson Plastics. The council also approved proceeding with Tax Increment Financing for Nelson Plastics.

•The council tabled any action on a violence in the workplace policy. The policy, approved by the safety committee, prohibits possessing a weapon while on city property or on city business with the exception of the police department while on duty. Council member Dave Peschong pointed out that other law enforcement officers enter city buildings and, as written, the policy forbids them from possessing weapons.

The council agreed that the wording must be changed and that no action should be taken until officials examine how the state's "conceal and carry" law affects the city.

•The council approved contracting a bulldozer and operator to move soil at the site of the Paynesville Municipal Airport. The council agreed to pay up to $150 per hour for a maximum of $15,000 for the bulldozer. According to city engineer Pete Carlson, a bulldozer was not part of the original bid due to an oversight by engineers, but the cost could be partially offset by savings on soil, since the soil will be taken from the stormwater pond by Lake Avenue and not purchased.

•The council approved having a preliminary engineering report prepared for a commercial hangar at the Paynesville Municipal Airport. The airport commission would like the city to consider building the hangar soon, but even if it is built in the future, the engineering plan can still be used.

•The council approved a final plat for Wilglo Acres under the condition that two lots, because of size, be changed to outlots. This plat has eight outlots totalling 13 acres. One outlot is dedicated for a stormwater retention pond.

•Carlson gave a verbal report on the progress of renovations on the city's water tower. The project should be finished within a week. Until then, residents can expect some water discoloration and fluctuations in water pressure.

•The council approved permits for excavation and temporary structures. The fee for street excavation, construction or reconstruction of sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and driveway or roadway surfacing was set at $20. The permit fee for placing or maintaining signs, advertisements, or other structures was set at $25. The permit fee for a temporary structure was set at $10.

•The council approved a contribution of $4,000 to the Paynesville Fire Department Relief Association.

•The council approved sending mayor Jeff Thompson and city administrator Steve Helget to the League of Minnesota Cities's annual convention in St. Cloud from June 18-20. The council also approved sending any other city council members who later elect to attend the conference. The cost for the convention is $295 per person.

•The council approved renewing a gambling permit for American Legion Post #271.

•The council approved setting a 30-day notice of liquor license fees as of Wednesday, July 9, at 6:45 p.m.

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