Residents request additional street

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 5/31/00.

Residents on South Street strongly voiced their concern that another through street was needed for the area at a rezoning public hearing.

The Paynesville City Council meeting recessed Wednesday night for a planning commission hearing to rezone land owned by Cal Davidson on South Street from R-1 to R-2. Davidson wants to build two duplexes on a lot he owns on South Street. However, more concern was raised about the need for another street than about theDavidson's property.

The residents living in the Morning-side Addition along South Street had no problem with the erection of the duplexes; however, they were concerned when another exit would be constructed out of the area.

"The area is landlocked," Loren Meyer told the council. Hub Schwandt and Meyer recalled that at one time an area was dedicated for a street when the senior complex was built. The street was never built. Meyer felt the dedicated street was platted to exit to Highway 23.

Julius Mayer stressed that everybody keeps developing land, but nobody adds another exit to the area. Many residents on South Street felt the street width needed to be examined. At present it is about 28 feet wide. When rebuilding streets, the city has been designing streets 36 feet wide.

Council member Dave Peschong said the public works committee is planning another exit for the area. But it won't be built until 2002 when the rebuilding of South Street is planned.

Schwandt stressed a new street should be built now, before any further development takes place on Morningside Addition. Several new homes have been constructed in the area this year. With each new home built, the traffic congestion gets worse, he added.

Area residents asked why a majority of the streets in the area were dead end streets. Peschong replied because the streets ended at the city limits.

Councilman Dennis Zimmerman said work on the design of new streets is considered as developments are brought before the planning commission. Paul Ampe is presently considering a development for the east side. Only preliminary design work has started for that proposed project.

Mike and Sheri Liebl were the only South Street residents to raise an objection to the duplexes as one would face their front yard. They had contacted the county assessors office prior to the meeting and were told a duplex would lower their property value.

Davidson assured them he has a track record of good clientel. "It will be a quality addition to the community," Davidson added.

Zimmerman thanked those attending for their concern and said the council would take their suggestions under consideration.

Seal coating
During the regular council meeting, the council approved seal coating the streets in the Chladek Addition and a few others this summer. Work is planned to start in July.

Besides the Chladek Addition Streets, also included in the project are:
•Hudson Street;
• Mill Street from Stearns Avenue to Maple Street;
•Genesee Street;
• Central Avenue;
• Elm Street;
• Stearns Avenue from Hoffman to Wendell Street;
•The city hall parking lot.
The project is estimated to cost more than $30,700.

Other business
•The council approved the preliminary plat for Project 55 First Addition. The final plat is expected to be ready by the next council meeting.

•The council approved the resolution for orderly annexation of WilGlo Acres, located on the western edge of Paynesville.

During a short public hearing on the project, there were no objections from neighboring landowners.

•City engineer Pete Carlson informed the council that the pipe work for the new well project was nearing completion. The pipes still needed to be laid under Highways 55, 23, 124, and County Road 34.

Work on the new wells has not started yet, Carlson told the council.

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