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Paynesville Press - May 28, 2003

Bork builds custom computers

By Bonnie Jo Hanson

Nathan Bork Paynesville native Nathan Bork recently started his own business, Quantum Data Systems, building and selling custom computers.

Built for home, commercial, educational, and government applications, Bork uses skills he learned from six years in the Navy as an electronic technician and as an engineering student to customize computers that are specific to their owner's needs.

Bork can fill orders from one computer for home use, or hundreds for commercial or educational use. In fact, he recently finished a bid for 1,200 computers for the United States Naval Academy's freshman class. Bork felt confident bidding on such a large project because a few years ago he was responsible for finding computers for his own freshman class at the school.

Quantum Data Systems is an authorized Microsoft OEM System Builder and is authorized to build Intel systems. Besides building custom computers, Bork does some repairs on systems he builds. Eventually he hopes to add mobile computers computers installed in cars and robotics to his specialties.

Bork runs his business out of his home, using his cell phone (320-761-1790). He has virtually no overhead, which he believes will keep him competitive with companies like Dell and Gateway.

Bork, a 1997 PAHS graduate, left the military last year and worked in the restaurant business before returning to Paynesville.

Bork spends his spare time much like he spends his work hours, working on his own computers and experimenting with robotics. His dream is to build a human-like robot.

When he's really unwinding, he likes to watch movies.

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