Students of the Month announced for May

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 5/26/98.

The school year is fast coming to a close and the Paynesville Area Middle School announced its May Students of the Month selection.

Students representing the sixth grade are: Maureen Flanders and Kyle Rausch; seventh grade: Josh Krupke and Mindy Meagher; eighth grade: Shelly Schoenberg, Rachel Koehn, and Nick Glenz.

Maureen Flanders is the daughter of Pat and Amy Flanders, rural Paynesville. Her teachers state Maureen is a high quality worker, a great listener, and demonstrates good study habits. Maureen lists as her interests: reading good books, swimming and water skiing in the summer. She was a member of the sixth grade girls traveling basketball team and middle school speech team.

Kyle Rausch is the son of Kevin and Patty Rausch, Paynesville. His teachers state Kyle is very respectful of staff and students, really loves to read and is fun to have in class. Kyle lists as his interests: track and art stuff. He was a member of the sixth grade choir.

Mindy Meagher is the daughter of Pat and Lorie Meagher, rural Paynesville. Mindy's teachers state she is competitive in the classroom, a quality worker, and she really enjoys the school environment. Mindy lists as her interests: piano, Girl Scouts, jumping on the trampoline and riding horse. She competed on the seventh grade basketball and track teams, plays piano, was a member of the band, and choir.

Josh Krupke is the son of Steve and Jeanne Olmscheid, rural Paynesville. His teachers state Josh demonstrates quality work, is a good listener in class and has a good attitude. Josh lists as his interests: sports, driving their four wheeler, and snowmobiling. He was a member of the seventh grade baseball and football teams.

Rachel Koehn is the daughter of Ric and Barb Koehn, Paynesville. Her teachers state she is a high achiever, does quality work and has a positive attitude. Rachel lists as her interests: church, watching television, biking, hanging out with her friends and Girl Scouts. She is a member of cross country, gymnastics, and track teams, band and choir.

Nick Glenz is the son of Ray and Sharon Glenz, Paynesville. His teachers state he is a good independent thinker, very consistent on completing assignments. Nick lists as his interests: hunting, fishing, swimming, golf and basketball. He was a member of the eighth grade football, basketball and track teams and played in the band.

Shelly Schoenberg is the daughter of Nick Schoenberg and Jackie Dahl, Paynesville. Her teachers state she has a great attitude, is a good worker, and is very respectful of others. She lists as her interests: spending time with friends, babysitting, and playing volleyball. She was a member of the eighth grade girls volleyball team.

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