Staff development dealt with at school board

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 5/20/97.

The Paynesville Area School Board approved the five-year facilities need plan at their Tuesday meeting.

Among the major items on the 1997-98 project list of expenditure items were the track upgrade at the elementary school and athletic field storage, concessions building at the high school complex, and window replacement at the elementary school. The three projects total $96,000.

The board also reviewed the 1997-98 and 1998-99 staff development program. The program had been presented at a previous meeting, but was sent back for revisions.

Board member Pat Flanders objected to the section on attendance at national conventions. He felt the money spent on attending national conventions would better serve the staff if an in-service were held, then all the staff would benefit instead of a few. The only portion of the convention section left in the staff development program stated ďemployees could attend an out-of-state convention any time at their own expense.Ē

The school board also met with the Youth Advisory Council. The high school students brought up the topic of paving the gravel road by the softball field and the rest of the parking lot, plus painting lines in the student parking lot.

They also talked about installing a pay phone in the high school lobby and adding IBM computers to the computer lab accessible to study hall students. Janotta informed the students he was talking with Lakedale about pay phones.

Mike Putzke read the student handbook and asked if it couldnít be updated and changed for the next school year, many items were out-of-date.

The middle school students asked if detention couldnít be made tougher on students who have infractions for fighting. They also requested students have in-house suspensions instead of being sent home where they could watch television.

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