City council hears reports, changes meeting time

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 5/20/97.

The council reviewed a petition asking for improvements on an alley between Lyndall and Central Streets which runs horizontal to River Street.

Nine of the 10 property owners along the alley signed the petition asking for the improvement. The council approved the petition and ordered SEH to check on the feasibility and obtain cost estimates. Pete Carlson, SEH engineer, will bring back the figures to the next council meeting.

Steve Whitcomb, chairman of the Ad Hoc Airport committee, informed the council that a property map is being prepared on land affected by the proposed airport design. ďWe (Lew Storkamp, Dave Peschong and Steve Whitcomb) met with the Paynesville Township Board and had a good discussion about the airport and the township involvement with the project,Ē Whitcomb said.

During June, a survey will be done at the airport to learn firsthand from pilots their usage of the airport. ďWe will have somebody working at the airport to talk with pilots personally from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. to learn where they are from, where they are going and their interest in the airport,Ē he added. ďThe counter results last year surprised us with the usage and this survey will justify that usage of the airport.Ē

Whitcomb requested about $2,500 from the council to cover the cost of the survey, which the council approved.

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