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Three major contracts approved by school board

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 5/20/98.

In regular business, the board approved three contracts for the 1997-98 school year.

Superintendent Howard Caldwell presented the transportation contract to the board for their approval. "Normally, we settle this contract in the fall of the year. We had a number of issues which needed to be dealt with, including adding another route," Caldwell told the board.

"We have been holding the line over the years and there have been very few increases in the transportation area. This year's contract has a four and a half percent increase. Last year's contract was for $387,035. The new contract is for $414,900," Caldwell said.

The board approved the contract agreement with the custodians for 1997-98 and the 1998-99 school years. "Negotiations were settled through mediation and everybody signed a letter of understanding," Flanders explained to the board.

The custodians will receive a 5.94 percent increase for the 1997-98 school year and a 4.52 percent increase for the 1998-99 school year.

The board also approved the salary adjustments agreed upon during negotiations on the food service contract.

"We have been working six to eight years to bring the food service department into line on the pay equity scale with the custodians. This increase brings everyone up to a comparable level," Flanders told the board.

The contract shows an 8.76 percent increase the first year and a 15.65 percent increase the second year of the contract.

Youth Advisory Council requests paving of gravel road
The Youth Advisory Council asked the Paynesville Area School Board if it wouldn't be possible to pave the gravel road at the east edge of the high school parking lot.

The Youth Advisory Council met with the school board on Tuesday afternoon in the Paynesville Area Middle School Media Center.

The gravel road is not a new topic to be brought before the board. The road runs parallel to the high school softball diamonds. The road is on school property and is not a city responsibility.

Pat Flanders, board chairman, informed the students the road was discussed at a recent facility committee meeting. "Many at the meeting felt we should spend the money on education rather than pavement," he said.

High school students on the board asked if a career day couldn't be added to the high school calendar. This would allow students time to shadow someone in a career to find out if that is a field they would like to pursue.

At present, the ninth graders have a career course which has shadowing of careers included. However, many feel that between ninth grade and 12th grade they may have changed their minds several times and would like to explore another area.

High school principal John Janotta told the students there is no reason why they can't shadow a person during the summer months if they so desire. Shadowing can be done anytime, not just during the school year.

In other business:
• The board approved tenure for Rebecca Hoey, business education department; and Bryan Mara, music department.

• The board approved the assignment transfer of Steve Aagesen from the middle school to teaching biology at the high school next year.

• The board approved a proposal from the middle school for a compensatory revenue plan. Summer school would be offered to students needing extra help in the science and math areas. Classes would be held June 8 to July 9, 7:30 to 10:45 a.m.

"These remedial courses will be optional for most sixth through eighth graders," Deb Gillman, middle school principal, told the board. "We had 32 eighth graders fail the basic skills math test and 38 did not pass the reading test. A few students will fall into the category of needing to complete summer school in order to proceed to the next grade level," she added.

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