Beach could open without lifeguards

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 5/17/00.

The beach at Veteran's Memorial Park on Lake Koronis might not have lifeguards this summer. Ron Mergen, public works director, told the Paynesville City Council at their Wednesday night meeting that he has had only one lifeguard application for after advertising in all the area newspapers.

"I'm not sure why we haven't received any applications. Maybe it's the training or our wages are too low," Mergen said.

Mergen will readvertise the position, offering higher wages. "If we don't get more applications, we'll have to post that there are no lifeguards and swimmers can use the beach at their own risk," Mergen said.

Mergen informed the council that the lifeguards work 1 to 7 p.m. daily, usually 20 to 30 hours per week, depending on their schedule.

Mergen reminded the council that the septic system at the Veteran's Memorial Park would be upgraded this summer. Paynesville Excavating was the lone bidder on the project with a bid of $3,582.

Pursuit policy
The council approved changes to the Paynesville Police Department's pursuit policy. Police Chief Tony Schmitt and city attorney Bill Spooner rewrote a paragraph in the policy. "I'm not always available for the officers to contact if a situation arises," Schmitt said. "The need for a pursuit is left to the officer's discretion."

The Paynesville Police Department was informed by the Minnesota Post Board they needed to clarify the chain of command in their pursuit policy. The city's policy wasn't specific enough.

The city's revised policy leaves the decision as to when to start and stop a pursuit up to the discretion of the officer on duty.

Street project
The pipe work on the 2000 street project is completed and the city is waiting for the grading contractor to start work.

Pete Carlson, city engineer, said it should take up to three weeks to grade all the streets . Then paving can start.

Streets to receive priority are Augusta Avenue and River Street as they affect AMPI, and Mill Street, as it is part of the parade route for Town and Country Days. According to Carlson, Project 55 would receive curb and gutter this week and then be paved. Because of the slope and erosion, contractors feel the roadway would be hard to maintain while waiting for the other streets to be regraded.

Other business
•The council approved purchasing a security system for the Paynesville Municipal Liquor Store. Marilyn Fuchs, manager, said the system would add two more cameras giving the store a total of four cameras, providing 24-hour monitoring of the entire store. The alarm system would also indicate to the sheriff's department which door had been opened, giving police officers a better idea of what they might be walking into.

•The council approved replacing old street signs within the 2000 street project.

•The council received word from the Minnesota Planning Board that the annexation of Project 55 was approved.

•The council set a hearing date to receive input on improvements for WilGlo Acres on Wednesday, May 24, at 6:30 p.m. WilGlo Acres is a development being proposed by Willie Scheel on the northwest edge of Paynesville.

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