Middle and high school FLA compete in STAR events

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 5/12/98.

Paynesville Area Middle and High School FLA/FHA members competed at the state level STAR events April 23 to 25 in Minneapolis.

Over 1,400 FLA/FHA members from throughout Minnesota competed in the events. STAR events mean Students Taking Action with Recognition. These members presented the results of their research on current teen issues or explained their chosen projects to the judges. Through participation in this type of competitive event, members gain experience in time management skills, learn organizational skills, and practice problem solving situations through critical thinking methods.

Fourteen senior high members attended and competed. Rachel Gifford was awarded a gold medal and placed third with her entrepreneurship portfolio and presentation. Gifford was also a candidate for office and a candidate for the 12-member state relations team. She will serve in this capacity throughout 1998-99 school year and attend training camp at St. Benís this summer.

Stephanie Johnson received a silver medal recognition with her illustrated talk about the environment. Cheryl Guenther and Ranae Bengston also received a silver medal with their ďFast Food NurtitionĒ illustrated talk.

Sarah Schmeising, past regional officer, and Kids Korp peer educator, served as student judge for two categories.

Serving as voting delegate was Randi Ampe as they chose the new FLA/FHA state officers for 1998. Additional delegates attending were Tracy Adams, Alyscia Braun, Julie Hemmesch, Miriah Mackedanz, Jesse Neu, Darla Schmitt, Lynn Vadner, and Beckie Zuroff.

Karen Odberg, high scool advisor, served as lead consultant for the Faces on Children event, completing her year as chair of the state FLA/FHA Board of Directors. She will continue in office as past-chair for 1998-99.

Eighth grader Wendy Bennett received a silver award for her event ďDare to be Me.Ē The parliamentary team received a silver award: Team members included Bennett, president; Miranda Bundy, secretary; Jenna Berry, treasurer; team members, Anita Anderson, Jenny Monson, Katie Herding, Angie Eisinger, and Amy Schoenherr.

Middle school voting delegates were Levi Bundy, Cory Vadner, Cassie Salzl, and Melissa Kolb.

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