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Paynesville Press - May 11, 2005

Eighth graders honored for exceeding reading goals

By Bonnie Jo Hanson

Twenty-six eighth graders at Paynesville Area Middle School were honored on Friday, April 22, for exceeding their reading goals.

Paynesville Area Middle School ­ and Paynesville Area Elementary School ­ use the accelerated reading program where students must set a goal to read a certain number of books at their reading level. After reading a book, students must pass a computerized comprehension test and then are awarded points based on the length of the book and its difficulty level.

Exceeding her reading goal by 400 percent was eighth grader Heidi Kuhl.

Exceeding their reading goals by 300 percent were eighth graders Callie Bennett and Erica Wendlandt.

Eighth graders exceeding their reading goal by 200 percent were: Kelli Flannigan, Josh Mergen, Pat Nosbush, and Nicole Schmidt.

And eighth graders exceeding their reading goals by 130 percent were: Jackie Berg; Jake Deadrick; Erin Guzy; Rachelle Hasbrook; Briana Jaeger; Jasmine Kalkbrenner; Shane Kampsen; Karla Leitzman; Brutger Mrozek; Jessica Nietfeld; Nathan Nietfeld; Anne Nihart; Russell O¹Fallon; Stacy Orbeck; Kelsey Reinke; Rashanda Sampson; Dustin Sengkeothanolith; Alex Van Eck; and Dan Zenner.

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