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Paynesville Press - May 10, 2006

Eastside addition adding 18 more lots to city

By Michael Jacobson

The Ampe Morningside Addition on the eastside of Paynesville grew by another 18 lots with the approval of the city council in April.

Map of Ampe Plat This is the fifth plat - and fourth stage - in the development. It adds 18 lots on 6.3 acres and extends South Street (though the extension jogs slightly to the north, closer to Highway 23, in the new development).

The Ampe Morningside plats began in 2000 with ten lots. Four more lots were added in 2004, and 14 more were added in 2005.

The 18 new lots will be located on both sides of the South Street extension (which will continue to run roughly parallel to Highway 23.)

The 6.3-acre development was an outlot in a previous development by Paul and Peter Ampe for the Clara Ampe Trust.

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