Township roads designated as rustic

This article submitted by Michael Jacobson on 5/10/00.

Seven roads in Paynesville Township have been designated as "rustic roads" because of their scenic allure. These roads will be marked with special signs to indicate their status.

The benefits of the designation are decreased liability to the township in case of accidents, the power to lower the speed limits below 30 mph, and the ability to build pedestrian trails along the road.

The township has agreed to use the state designation on four roads around the southwestern corner of Lake Koronis. Rustic road designations include Baywater Road, on the west end of Lake Koronis; Breezewood Road, as it continues from Baywater to the east; and Northwest Koronis Road, from the "Y" where Breezewood ends to the top of Tollman's Hill. (The stretch of the road that continues straight to Highway 23 will not be designated a rustic road.)

Continuing from the top of Tollman's Hill, Crest Ridge Road will be designated a rustic road until the intersection with Co. Rd. 181.

The other rustic roads will be on the northern shores of Lake Koronis, starting with Lake Koronis Drive, which veers off from County Road 181 and runs along the lake almost to Veteran's Memorial Park. The roads on both sides of the city park will also be designated as rustic roads.

Also, 160th Street-which runs past Grandview Cottages on Lake Koronis and then crosses Co. Rd. 124 and Highway 55 before intersecting with Cedardale Road-will receive the rustic road designation.

The township board wants public input on designating three additional roads-Cedardale Road, 283rd Avenue, and Cross Creek Road-as rustic roads. On Monday night, they set a public hearing for June 12 at 8:30 p.m. to discuss these roads.

Cedardale Road runs from Co Rd. 34 to the east end of Lake Koronis. Cross Creek connects Co. Rd. 34 with Cyrilla Beach Road, and 283rd Avenue runs between Highway 55 and Co. Rd. 34 behind the Hill Top complex.

These roads will have to meet the conditions for the designation, including an average daily traffic volume of less than 150 trips as well as the 45 mph maximum for a speed limit.

Right now, these roads are not posted for speed, so the limit is 55 mph. If designated as rustic roads, the township would have to post a 45 mph speed limit.

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