Nominations sought for Ruth Aulick Award

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 5/9/01.

Do you know an individual who does a lot of volunteer work, promotes the community, and thinks of others first? These are the types of individuals sought by the Paynesville Human Rights Commis-sion for the Ruth Aulick Award.

The Paynesville Human Rights Commission is seeking nominations for the Fourth Annual Ruth Aulick Award. Previous winners were Ruth Aulick, Marie Lauer, and Don Torbenson.

The commission's goal is to recognize annually an individual or business that helps others through understanding and cooperation.

To be eligible for the award a person's accomplishments may be in the form of one significant service or a series of activities over a period of time. Priority may be given to nominees whose main mission is to protect or enhance the rights of others.

The nominee can be an individual of any age that is active in the Paynesville community.

Nomination forms may be picked up at Paynesville City Hall.

The deadline for nominating someone is Friday, June 1. The winner will be announced during the Miss Paynesville pageant on Monday, June 18.

For more information, contact Joe Voss at 320-243-4731 or Jean Soine at 320-243-7194.

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