Counterfeit $20 bills recovered

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 5/9/01.

Four counterfeit $20 bills have been recovered in the Paynesville area.

Stearns County Deputy Doug Pearce said the bills are high quality copies and that merchants should be aware the bills have been found in the area.

Counterfeit bills will have a different texture than real bills. Their art work might be off-centered and the ink will smudge when you rub across the surface, Pearce said.

Another way to check if a bill is counterfeit is to hold the bill up to a light. On a true bill, different colors should be in the weaving. A counterfeit bill won't have the different colors in the weaving, said Pearce.

County deputies are working with the Secret Service to find the source of the counterfeit bills.

The Paynesville Police Depart-ment recovered a counterfeit $20 bill on Tuesday, May 1, from Gas For More (formerly Tom Thumb).

The Stearns County Sheriff's Department recovered three more bills in Roscoe. Sandy Leyendecker discovered the bills at the Roscoe Bar on Wednesday, May 2.

If anyone finds a counterfeit bill, notify a local law enforcement agency.

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