Students help in the community with projects

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 5/5/98.

Wednesday afternoon, the Paynesville Area Middle School students headed out into the community to help with cleanup projects.

This marks the third year of the students heading out to do community service projects. There were more than 30 sites on their project list. The students do a community service project day in the spring and fall of the year.

Students and their supervisors branched out into all areas of the community from the senior citizen center, Regional Park on the south shore of Lake Koronis, to Koronis Avenue, Mill Street, Spruce Street, Stearns Avenue, Wendell, Elm Street, Lake Avenue, Hudson Street, Sunrise Avenue, homes on County Road 181 and the Community Service Center and Good Samaritan Care Center.

Students washed windows, raked lawns, cleaned leaves and weeds from flower beds, pulled weeds from a yard, painted picnic tables and gliders, removed dead trees, planted an herb garden, helped clean out a storage shed and moved furniture around.

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