Board reviews tennis court adjustments

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 5/3/00.

Adjustments for the new tennis courts were reviewed by the Paynesville Area School Board at their Tuesday (April 25) meeting. McBroom Construction, a subcontractor on the project, submitted a list of 17 adjustments to the board and their construction managers to review. McBroom Construction also built the track for the school district.

According to Howard Caldwell, district superintendent, the items will put the cost of the courts above the estimated total, but will add more value to the courts. "The courts will be of better quality in the end," he added. The estimated cost of the project is $98,505 before making any adjustments.

The board approved putting an acrylic surface on the courts which would make the courts last longer and provide a better playing surface. Other options approved included different fencing, which would make maintenance simpler; bike barricades to help prevent bikes from being ridden on the courts; and different fence posts.

The approved adjustments would add about $4,037 to the cost of the courts. Options still under consideration could add almost $2e,000 to the price tag.

Questionable items involved obtaining fill for the base from off site, adding bituminous near the walkways at the gate sites, and raising the elevation of the courts a foot to prevent water ponding probabilities. McBroom felt the courts needed more elevation while the architect disagreed with him.

Caldwell recommended waiting until the engineers and architects could meet with McBroom. "I keep hearing different things from the engineers and contractors," Caldwell said. "We need to get the two together to resolve the issues. We don't want to do something that isn't necessary." The board authorized Pat Flanders, board chairman, to meet with Caldwell and the other parties involved to iron out the situation.

According to Flanders, the board wants to construct the tennis courts right and have them last a long time.

Time is another issue, Flanders said. The district wanted the courts completed before demolishing the present courts. That might not happen now.

The new tennis courts will be constructed between the vocational building and district garage. The new tennis courts are expected to be completed by July in time for the summer recreation courses.

The district will be opening bids for the new auditorium on May 4.

Summer school
The board approved a compensatory revenue request from the high school and middle school. Compensatory funds will be used to provide extra classes to students who have not yet passed the Minnesota Basic Skills Test.

The high school will hold classes from 9 to 11 a.m. over a two-week period in July for interested students. Tammy Botten will teach the classes. The middle school math and reading classes will be held June 12 to July 13 from 7:30 to 10:35 a.m.

Letters will be sent to the parents of eighth grade students who have yet to pass the basic standards tests.

Other business
•The board approved the resignation of Jacqueline Mueller, elementary instruc-tional assistant, who is on child care leave.

•The board approved hiring Todd Spanier as the new middle school math teacher. He will replace Virg Vagle who is retiring at the end of the school year.

•The board approved hiring Jay Thompson and Wayne Hansen to teach the ninth grade science course this summer.

•Barb Koehn, food service manager, reported the kitchens in both buildings passed the state health department inspection.

She informed the board that as of July 1, the health department requires school districts to have a certified food manager on staff. Koehn completed the course in January, passed the test, and is certified.

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