Finances for school building project look better

This article submitted by Michael Jacobson on 5/2/01.

The latest financial estimates on the school's building project show the projected deficit is less than $50,000.

Architect Troy Miller, of the DLR Group, informed the school board of some increased revenue at their meeting on Tuesday, April 24.

Another $14,000 of work to provide better ventilation to the locker rooms and wrestling room in the basement has been approved for a health and safety levy, but this revenue has not been counted in the financial statements. This cuts the deficit from $65,000 to about $50,000.

Miller said the project tripled the amount of air into the basement.

During the project, $28,000 in work was done to put in an automatic pump in the basement to drain water. Before the amount of water had to be checked by the custodians, and then a pump triggered manually.

As water is a leading cause of mold, Miller felt this improvement should also qualify for a health and safety levy. This will need to be submitted to the state.

Already, the district has levied over $80,000 for health and safety, approved by the state.. This levy is paid about a third by the state and two-thirds by local taxpayers.

Other aspects of the project are moving to the finishing stages. Sidewalks and landscaping are being done outside, and drywalling inside. Seats were scheduled to be shipped late last week.

"By the time everything is said and done," predicted Miller, "it's going to be astounding. You're really going to be amazed with what you've got."

"Personally, I'm delighted," said Pat Flanders, board chairman. "I knew the numbers were going to get better."

The school has some fill and 12,000 bricks left over from the project, which they will be trying to sell. The bricks are left over from a change in the project that saved the district $25,000 by simplifying the brick design.

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