Directory being compiled about area artists

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 5/2/01.

A directory of local artists is being compiled by the Paynesville Area Consortium for Creative Arts.

The directory will assist artists seeking help from peers, organizations, and churches in finding resource people to help with projects.

According to Pelton, anyone can be listed in the directory. It's just an aid to help people know who and what talents are in the area. Lists will include people who sing, paint, crochet, knit, do needlepoint, play the piano or organ, or another musical instrument.

"By no means does having your name in the directory mean you are committed to anything," said Ian Pelton, consortium member. The directory is meant to serve as a resource guide, he added.

Besides finding talent to perform at concerts or programs, the directory will help artists contact other artists or craftsmen for assistance in particular projects they might be working on.

Anyone wishing to have their name listed in the directory should call Pelton at 320-243-7221 or e-mail him at, or contact Heather Shumaker 320-243-7510. The deadline for the directory information is Monday, June 4.

The directory is expected to be completed and available for distribution at Town and Country Days.

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