School board discusses excess levy

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 04/29/97.

The Paynesville Area School Board was reminded the excess levy expires the fall of 1998.

At their Tuesday night meeting, the board was informed the law provides the district to put the excess levy issue before the voters one year in advance. The board can ask for the district to approve a levy anywhere from a one to 10-year period.

Superintendent Howard Caldwell informed the board that when the district approved the first levy, the $182,000 was paid totally by local funds. The present levy generated $350,000 but only $82,000 was paid locally because of state equalization. The state covered $268,000 of the excess levy.

The earliest the district can put the issue to a vote before the district would be this fall.

Contract termination
The board approved a resolution to terminate the teaching contract of Dawn Yost, a probationary special education teacher.

Yost requested permission to speak to the board or that others be allowed to speak on her behalf. Board chairman Larry Fleck told those present that the topic was not open to public discussion. The termination of a nontenured position was in the hands of the board.

Mary Strodtman, Hawick, felt it unfair that a parent couldn't speak out on Yost's behalf. "My son enjoys coming to school because of Yost," she said.

Yost was informed she could call for a closed meeting to discuss personnel issues. She called for the closed meeting. After the meeting reopened, Fleck said the board had re-evaluated Yost's position and the motion still stands for her termination.

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