Hospital board discusses quality care

This article submitted by Stephanie Everson on 04/29/97.

The Paynesville Area Hospital District Board of Directors discussed several topics at last Wednesday's monthly meeting; but the main thread that ran through most of the evening's business was assuring quality care for the patients of the Paynesville Community Hospital, Manor, and its satellite clinics.

William LaCroix, administrator, again invited the board to attend the next meeting of the Richmond City Council to work with their mayor and others concerned and address the council's present oppositions concerning the building of a proposed medical clinic in Richmond, which would become a satellite of the Paynesville Area Health Care System (PAHCS). "We need to get them involved," stated LaCroix.

The second order of new business was a tender subject involving a letter addressed to the PAHCS Board of Directors. The letter was from a woman who was unhappy with the emergency room care she had received from the doctor on duty. The quality of care was not in question, but rather the manner in which it was given. LaCroix previously had written a letter to the patient expressing the board's concern and informed her they would discuss ways to assure quality and compassionate care for all patients.

It was decided by the board that surveys will be given to every patient that comes in for care in the Paynesville Clinic, as well as its satellites, and the medical staff will report the results to the board after a 30-day period.

In other business:
*The condition and safety of the mattresses in the Koronis Manor was also discussed.

*The board will also be looking into an upgrade of their cat scan system in future months.

*The board was informed that PAHCS application for Rural Health Clinic status was approved, which will make a significant difference in additional government funding at the end of the year.

*In the area of physician recruitment, a second year resident will be working with Dr. Solum during the month of May, as well as various other students and residents throughout the year. LaCroix commented that the program will be a good way to expand PAHCS name and reputation to the medical programs at various schools. "We must be doing something right to have so many students come through here," stated LaCroix.

ēThe board also approved a provisional period for David L. Webster, M.D. in Neurology, and Ron Welter, Clinical Psychologist, specializing in adolescents.

ēThe PAHCS board approved the completion of provisional periods for Shari Heitke, Nurse Practitioner, Kimmie Rabe, M.D. in Pathology, and James Richter, M.D. in Psychiatry.

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