Kavanaghs finish third in talent contest

This article submitted by Michael Jacobson on 4/28/99.

Pat and Casey Kavanagh finished third in the talent show finals at Jackpot Junction in Morton on Friday, April 16.

Nine acts qualified for the finals by placing first at a weekly talent contest, but only eight actually competed. The Kavanaghs earned first place in February. Both sang, and Casey played piano and tenor saxophone and Pat played guitar.

They played the same two songs at the final competition, but this time the event was held before a crowd of 2,000 people. "We placed," said Pat, "and we didn't think we'd even do that. I'd say we were very pleased."

"We achieved our purpose," she added, "which was to entertain the people." Pat said they felt a tremendous response from the audience and part of the crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Including the preliminary rounds, 42 acts competed in the Jackpot Junction talent contest. The Kavanaghs finished third. "I was really proud of that," said Pat.

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