'Ever After' is the prom theme

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 4/25/01.

Prom is set for Saturday, May 5. "Ever After" is the prom theme. Festivities will start with the grand march at 5 p.m. in the Paynesville Area High School gym. Admission ($2) will be charged this year for the grand march.

Prom goers will each receive two complimentary tickets. The funds will go to help the after-prom party.

Valet parking will be provided in front of the school by various staff people.

Peter Schmiesing, Mark Braun (kneeling); Jesse Neu, Kelly Hanson, Angie Meyer, and Kayla Flanders checked over some of the prizes they are eligible to win at the Paynesville After Prom Party on May 6.

Paynesville Video will be taping the grand march. Anyone interested in purchasing a tape should contact Jean Soine. Cost of the a tape is $5. Two dollars of that goes to help fund the after-prom party.

Following the grand march, prom goers will board charter buses and head to the River Station at Richmond, where they will have dinner and dance to the music of Billy D and the Crystals. Koronis Photography will be taking pictures of couples during the dance.

"We have about 190 students registered thus far for prom," said Pat Nelson, prom advisor.

Prom is designed for members of the junior and senior class. Sophomores can attend only if they are invited as a date by a junior or a senior. Ninth graders are not allowed to attend. All students attending prom are required to ride the charter buses to Richmond and back to the high school.

The festivities in Richmond will end about midnight. At 12:01 a.m., the doors open at the high school for the after-prom party. Juniors and seniors not attending prom, along with the prom goers, are welcome to enjoy the many games at the party. Admission to the party is free.

Doors to the high school are locked at 1 a.m. If a student wishes to leave the party before 5 a.m., parents will be notified.

The theme of this year's party is "Islands in the Sand." Games like sumo wrestling, an obstacle course, a maze, and mini golf will be set up in the middle school gym.

The high school gym will be used for basketball and volleyball. At 3 a.m., students will form teams to do their own version of the "Survival." The gyms will be open all night. Students can listen and dance to the music provided by disc jockey Wally Kollman. Food will be available all night.

Prizes will be awarded throughout the party. Those who signed up for the early bird drawings will have a chance at winning three television sets. At 4:30 a.m. drawings will start for the larger door prizes that everybody is eligible to win. Prizes include CD players, video chairs, a small refrigerator, a boom box, a microwave, a 35mm camera, luggage sets, and numerous gift certificates.

Anyone wishing to volunteer and help at the After Prom Party can call Patty Stalboerger at 320-243-2387

Donations of prizes or cash to help fund the party can be made to DuDonne Andrie at Paynesville City Hall.

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