More rain could flood river again

This article submitted by Michael Jacobson on 4/25/01.

Three to five inches of rain over Sunday and Monday will keep farmers out of their fields for a while longer and could cause more flooding on the North Fork of the Crow River and subsequently in Rice Lake and Lake Koronis.

Reports from area farmers indicated three to five inches of rain fell in the area. Brooten also got three inches of rain, and water from throughout the North Fork Crow River watershed will be making its way to the Crow, then Rice, and Koronis.

Stearns County has no information about the Crow, but the county’s emergency services issued a warning for renewed flooding on the Sauk River on Monday. Using information from the National Weather Service, the county emergency officials now expect the Sauk to crest on Friday, at a higher level than it reached a week ago.

The Crow River could follow a similar pattern, with the recent rainfall flowing from the watershed into the river and eventually making its way to Rice and Koronis in a few days.

The county board could reinstate its emergency provisions on Tuesday, after emergency services officials update them on the situation. The county had offered delivery of sand and sand bags at cost for property owners in danger of being flooded. The county's toll-free flood hotline is 1-877-535-6625.

According to St. Cloud meteorologist Bob Weisman, the 3.52 inches of rain at the St. Cloud Airport on Sunday broke a daily rainfall record for the month of April. The previous record for April 22 was just over an inch in 1985 and the previous record for April was 2.47 inches on April 26, 1984.

Sunday's rainfall ranks as the eighth largest all-time in a 24-hour period in the St. Cloud area, which has weather records dating back 108 years. It was the most rain in a 24-hour period since September 1985.

According to Weisman, April 2001 now ranks as the second wettest April on record with 7.76 inches of rain as of Monday. The only April with more occurred in 1928, when St. Cloud received 8.31 inches of rain.

Weisman predicted that the wet weather would cease as of Tuesday. The University of Minnesota repeated warnings this week to any homeowners with a flooded well. Precautions like boiling the water for three minutes are needed if the any contamination is suspected.

Floodwater carries bacteria, viruses, parasites, and chemicals. "Have the water from the well tested, and disinfect the well if bacteria are present," said Barbara Liukkonen, an educator with the extension service's Water Resource Center.

More information about well disinfecting is available at www.extension.umn.ed.

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