Four DECA students advance to nationals

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 04/22/97.

Four Paynesville students have won the right to advance to national DECA competition in Anaheim, Calif. April 30 to May 4. Matt Jorgensen, Jennifer Wendlandt, Lindsey Moser, and Ryan Louis all finished in the top three at state to earn a trip to California.

Jennifer and Lindsey as part of their ďLearn and EarnĒ project started a business, Visions of Sugar Plums, from scratch and cold cookie and candy plates at Christmas as a fund raiser for Girl Scout Troop 195.

The purpose of the learn and earn project is the development of business and marketing skills. Positive earning outcomes in this project are not as critical to its success as the learning outcomes. Learn and earn involves the planning, organization, implementation and evaluation of a single sales/service activity. The girls sold more than 70 cookie/candy trays as part of their business.

Matt Jorgensenís category was Entrepreneurship Written event. He had to start a mock business, doing investments and consulting in Colorado.

Entrepreneurship involves the development of a proposal to start a new business, a self-analysis, an analysis of the business situation, a description of the way the business will operate, and detailed plans for financing the business through its first five years of operation. As part of his project, he had to come up with spending plans and explain to the judges how much it would cost to start up his new business. The three judges played the role of investment bankers he had to obtain a loan from. He also had to write a 40-page report. The written document accounts for 70 points and the interview 30 points.

He also earned a trip in the Vehicles and Petroleum Marketing area. He finished fifth, but due to other students dropping out, moved up to third place. Students may win more than one trip to nationals but can compete in only one area.

Ryan Louis also qualified in two areas: apparel and accessories and international marketing...import/export. Louis finished fourth in both categories but due to others dropping out, he qualified for the nationals. He will compete in the apparel and accessories marketing area at nationals. At part of his award, he receives $100 from J.C. Penneys to help finance the trip. In apparel and accessories marketing, Louis had to write a report and role play a salesperson/clerk in a store for the judges.

ďDECAís individual events effectively measure studentsí proficiency skills identified by occupational practitioners,Ē Wally Erickson, instructor, said. The judges are qualified business executives who play the roles of second party in the situations.

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