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Paynesville Press - April 20, 2005

Middle schoolers to present one-act plays

By Michael Jacobson

Fifteen thespians from Paynesville Area Middle School will stage a trio of one-act plays this weekend.

The actors and actresses have rehearsed three mystery spoofs: "Oliver Twisted," "And Then There Was One," and "And Then There Was One, Too." All three spoof mysteries by Agatha Christie, who wrote "And Then There Were None," according to director Jane Leitzman, and "Oliver Twisted" also spoofs the Charles Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist."

Each play lasts about 40 minutes, and there will be intermissions between each play. The total performance should last just over two hours.

Performances will be staged in the school auditorium at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, April 22, and at the same time on Saturday, April 23.

Three one-act plays will be presented this weekend. "Oliver Twisted" follows a wise-cracking private investigator named Chuck Dickens (played by Ralph Daby) who is looking for Oliver Twist (played by Harrison Fangmeier).

Practicing a scene last week for the upcoming PAMS plays were, from left, Jon Person, Jayna Flanders, Ralph Daby (standing), Ezra Thompson, Kelsey Reinke, Brianna Fischbach, Dillon Herem, David Ruprecht, and Karla Leitzman.

"And Then There Was One" and "And Then There Was One, Too" largely have the same cast, starring Daby as Clayhorn the Butler and Karla Leitzman as Mimms the Maid. These plays also feature an inspector (Hayden Spaeth), a "plain" woman (Brianna Fischbach), an actress (Kelsey Reinke), a singer (Jon Person), an ingenue (Jayna Flanders), a handsome man (Ezra Thompson), a doctor (David Ruprecht), and the victim (Taylor Haag).

A freewill offering will be taken at the play.

Friday, April 22, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 23, 7:30 p.m.
Actors and actresses from Paynesville Area Middle School will present three mystery spoofs on Friday and Saturday nights in the school auditorium. Each of the one-act plays should last about 40 minutes, totalling just over two hours.

Cast of Characters
Oliver Twisted
Chuck Dickens: Ralph Daby
Nancy: Taylor Haag
Mrs. Agatha Low: Karla Leitzman
Art Dodger: Michael Vaske
Mrs. Bumble: Brianna Fischbach
Fay Gunn: Jayna Flanders
Bill Sikes: Hayden Spaeth
Monk: Jon Person
Oliver: Harrison Fangmeier

And Then There Was One
Mimms The Maid: Karla Leitzman
Clayhorn The Butler: Ralph Daby
Albert Prince: David Ruprecht
Emily Plain: Brianna Fischbach
Inspector Miles: Hayden Spaeth
Delores Biggs: Kelsey Reinke
Presley York: Jon Person
Heather Starlett: Jayna Flanders
Matthew Charisma: Ezra Thompson
Margaret LaRue: Taylor Haag

And Then There Was One, Too
Jorge a.k.a. Clayhorn: Ralph Daby
Helga a.k.a. Mimms: Karla Leitzman
Margaret LaRue: Rachelle Hasbrook
Dr. Prince: Dillon Herem
Presley York: Jon Person
Inspector Miles: Hayden Spaeth
Delores Biggs: Kelsey Reinke
Matthew Charisma: Ezra Thompson
Emily Plain: Brianna Fischbach
Heather Starlett: Jayna Flanders

Director: Jane Leitzman

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