Council reviews street projects

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 4/19/00.

Old and new streets were the topics covered by the Paynesville City Council Wednesday night.

Pete Carlson, city engineer, informed the council that pipe work on Augusta Avenue, Railroad Street, Garfield Avenue, and James Street was completed last week. The sewer and water mains are also completed on Project 55 and the crew will be moving to Koronis Avenue.

"Work is moving along quickly," he said. "Street grading should start shortly. The streets should be paved by mid-June in time for the Town and Country Days parade.

Frontage road
A public hearing was held to discuss plans for the new frontage road which will run from Alldon Park and connect to Maple Street.

Carlson explained the street will be 32 feet wide. The Paynesville Lutheran Church will have a driveway access to the frontage road.

Due to the angle of the roadway, the water will drain back to Hudson Street and the storm sewer catch basin.

The cost of the project is $48,410, if it can be done as a change order to the 2000 street project.

If the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), requires bids for the project, it could cost more than $55,000.

MnDOT has pledged $50,000 toward the project. "I feel the odds are good that we will be able to do the project as a change order," Carlson said.

Carlson added because it is such a small project, we are not looking at assessing any of the neighboring property owners.

Peter Jacobson, congregation president, said the church is not interested in spending any money on the road and will probably give the land to the city.

Carlson said the project would include a new bituminous overlay over the existing street surface from Alldon Park to Hudson Street. The entire frontage road will have curb and gutter.

Joint powers agreement
The city council reviewed a new joint powers agreement for the Paynesville Regional Airport Commission that Paynesville Township approved at a March meeting.

Since the city had approved an agreement on March 10, the first motion was rescinded and a new motion was made to cover the changes in the new agreement.

City administrator Dennis Wilde said the only change in the agreement was in section three, dealing with contributions to capital costs. All expenses shall be shared equally.

The assessed valuation of the property in Paynesville Township and the city at the date of the signing of the agreement shall be used as a base line for the equal sharing of costs.

When annexation takes place, the contribution to capital costs will change based on the percentage of loss or gain of assessed valuation attributed to the annexation.

WilGlo Acres
Carlson presented the council with two options for crossing the river for WilGlo Acres, a plat proposed by Willie Scheel, for the western edge of the city limits of Paynesville where city streets are platted but never developed.

A feasibility study showed the project was viable. The project would include extending sewer and water services across the North Fork Crow River from the south to the north, and building streets in the area which is within the city limits. Carlson suggested doing the project in phases, doing what is within the city limits first, then start work on the property in the township.

Carlson recommended going with the lower estimate of $224,000 which includes crossing under the river with water and sewer lines, and construction of a new lift station. The lift station for the project would serve an 80-acre area.

He added a detention pond would be needed for the area and that a low spot would be a natural site for the pond.

Carlson said he would like to have the preliminary plat completed before setting a date for the public hearing. "I feel good about the estimates, but would like the plat more formalized before moving forward," he added.

The council went along with his suggestion and will wait for a formalized plat before setting a hearing date.

Other business
•Carlson told the council that a preconstruction meeting with Landwehr Construction, St. Cloud, was set for April 18 to discuss work for the new water main which will run from south of Highway 55 behind Precision Election to the water treatment plant north of Highway 23.

The city has reached a purchase agreement with the Ampe Estate on 12.38 acres at $5,500 an acre for the new well site on the eastern edge of Paynesville near Morningside Avenue.

• The council approved leasing the vacant lot adjacent to State Farm Insurance from Bob and Sue Brauchler for $1. The park committee was recently presented a proposal for a "sitting park" on the site by Karlene Gray, Living at Home program director, which is located at the Paynesville Area Center.

The park proposal includes elementary students planting flowers, volunteers placing benches in the area, and a mural being painted on the Whitcomb building.

•The council approved a proposal from the Friends of the Library and the Consortium for Creative Arts to sponsor art exhibits in the public library.

•The council approved sharing the cost of a consultant, Jeff Bertram, with Paynesville Township to determine if a hiking trail from the city to Lake Koronis is feasible.

•The council hired Jennifer Wellings, Litchfield, as the new city secretary. The city had 25 applications and three people were interviewed.

•Willie LaCroix, Paynesville Area Health Care System administrator, presented the hospital district audit to the council.

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