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Paynesville Press - April 17, 2002

Area Legion posts to hold flag burning

By Michael Jacobson

The West Stearns Council of the American Legion will be holding a flag burning ceremony in May, and anyone needing to properly discard a worn flag can bring it to the American Legion Post #271 in Paynesville during the next two weeks.

The flag burning ceremony will be held in Melrose on Thursday, May 2. Worn-out flags can be brought to the American Legion in Paynesville until Wednesday, May 1. "The only proper way to dispose of an unserviceable flag is to burn them," explained Pete Hoppe, membership chairman of the local Legion post and a 48-year member. "Flags that are worn out and not usable are respectively retired by burning."

Flags that are worn, faded, torn, or tattered should really be replaced, said Hoppe. "A presentable flag shows you care, I guess. If you've got something that's on the flagpole, torn and faded, in my opinion, that person doesn't care," he said.

If anyone has questions, a Legion member can help them decide if their flag is serviceable or not.

The American Legion Post is open starting at 10 a.m., Mondays through Saturdays. The Legion also sells new flags.

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