Graduated Driver's License Bill

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 4/14/98.

Both Stang and Fischbach voted against the graduated drivers license. This bill increases the training requirements for the permit phase of obtaining a driver license and sets qualifers in order to move to the next phase of licensing.

This phase originally started out with a curfew period which was removed on the floor and now contains only qualifiers to moving on to the next level of a “full license.” The bill also establishes youth oriented drive improvement clinics to assist traffic violators age 18 and under.

• The bill provides that a person with an instruction permit is authorized to drive only when accompanied by someone 21 or older.
• The bill provides a 16-year-old to receive a provisional license after passing a behind the wheel test.
• A permit holder may operate a vehicle only when every occupant under the age of 18 has a seat belt properly fastened.
• A permit holder must maintain a driving record free of convictions to obtain a permanent license at 17 years of age.
• A permit holder must have 30 or more hours of driving time with their guardian or parent.

The bill takes effect Jan. 1, 1999. Stang feels the bill will create higher insurance rates for parents with 16-year-old drivers. Fischbach feels the measure is unnecessary.

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